Hello, I am Pushkar Yadav

Software Engineer, I work on making absolutely beautiful Web apps, AI and little bit of Research.

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Pushkar Yadav

Few Things I've Built

  • Message Gator : Built using NextJs, Telegram API, MongoDB is a realtime message integration Saas that offers message widget integration into websites with a lot of features inside.
  • Notez : Built on firebase this is a fast note creations and as link/image sharing service with beautifully crafted ui of notes being shared. this is also integrated as review sharing inside Message Gator.
  • Fast Rag : This is built on Pinecone, Groq Laama and Open AI embeedings specifically trained on NextJs, TailwindCSS, Shadcn, JS, Node, Acternity UI, html, css from publically available (custom scrapper) data surapssing available LLMs in terms of accuracy. offers a speed of around ~1200 tokens/second and estimated RAG time of ~3s.
  • WriteWrap Labs : I've created some tools build on recent AI tech from UI Generators, Large Context Data gathering and structuring, Reader helpers, RAG and continiously researching, I usually make pages about these on labs website. + WriteWrap Labs also got recognized by Microsoft For Startups(though it's not large, but i've built tools which use credits from MSFT Startups access).
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  • Mernifier

    Trained on the latest data, it's your ultimate companion for daily development tasks.It elevates your development game. Generate test cases, squash bugs, and autocomplete efficiently. Trained on the latest data. Your go-to for MERN mastery!

  • Anomm

    Anomm is a free service to deliver anonymous messages directly to your telegram via bot. this can be integrated anywhere community reviews, confession pages, personal thoughts and a lot more.

  • Tweeco

    Tweets ✒️ shouldn't be limited to twitter🐧 : Let's integrate them anywhere fully rendered✨ with this simple API.

    Inactive: Tweeco hit a max of 73K requests and was shut down due to twitter api being fully paid

  • Markdown Badges

    Super Cool SVG based Badges for your products - Socials/ Languages/ Frameworks/ Libraries and more. Get generated markdown code, preview and a change badge style within single click

  • IBOX

    All in one solution for your all needs of insta. Download Posts, Reels, IGTV videos and analyze any public profile for its followers, following, rand and a whole lot of data.

    Inactive: API Failure! Will fix as soon as i get time

  • NextOS

    A Modern Operating System design built into a Website using Next JS and Tailwind CSS.

  • Payon

    Payon is a template website to show you a better approach of making payments having a simple and interactive interface.This is a prototype website

  • SummerX

    Through SummerX we are on a mission 🚀 to save lives of people who suffer from heat waves 🍃, excessive heat 🥵, illness and more. This is a prototype website.

  • APIX

    APIX - a collection of 1400+ apis and 50+ categories of api's


    Find Perfect colors, gradients and more for your Amazing products, Posters or Designs, Just copy and paste in single click.

  • Web Games

    Play some of the on the go games in a minimal way

  • PRM

    Create amazing readme for your products, profile from amazing templates and custom too without writing markdown. Explaining everything Screenshots, URL , About, Insights, Local System Guides and a lot more.

  • Web Searcher

    Generate meta tags in some clicks and Rank top in search engines.You can generate Open graph, twitter and basic meta tags just in one click and a lot of adjustments in them.

Numbers and Achievements I'm Proud Of

  • ~ 20+ total products made.
  • ~ 25k+ users using my products.
  • ~ 100k requests per month on server.
  • ~ 350k+ views on pexels community photos and being used in news articles like indiatimes.
  • LeanIn Hack IGDTUW 5.0 Top Team: Worked on Sakhi app for empowering women and promoting gender equality. (Feb 2024)
  • HackJNU 3.0 Finalists: Innovative UN SDG-focused app addressing sustainable development goals. (Jan 2024)
  • Top 5 - IITB Techfest: Developed MERNifier: a MERN Stack assistant powered by Pinecone, LangChain, OpenAI, etc. (Dec 2023)
  • Hackathon Winner Organised by Major League Hacking. (June 2022)
  • 5th Product of the day MDB (mdb.pushkaryadav.in) recognized by ProductHunt. (March 2021)


  • Zura Ventures India / Remote
    Full Stack Intern (Apr 2023 - Aug 2023)
    • Worked on revenue-generating B2B Shopify apps, including GiftKart, Easy Bundles, and Kite Free Gift, resulting in significant sales increases.
    • Collaborated across teams, implemented features, resolved issues, and optimized performance using Next.js, Redis, GraphQL, Koa, and Shopify API.
  • Cosmofeed India / Remote
    Software Engineering Intern (Nov 2022 - Dec 2022)
    • Contributed to a pre-release bio link app website, enhancing user experience and data gathering for potential customers.
  • Open-Source & Personal Projects
    Freelance Developer (Dec 2021 - Present)
    • Created and maintained open-source apps with 15,000+ users, solving technical problems and simplifying development tasks.
    • Showcased version control, code review, and collaborative development skills, from ideation to deployment, including SEO, LCP, Client Optimization, etc.
  • Volunteering On-Site
    Various Roles (Dec 2021 - Present)
    • Google DSC Lead (Jul 2023 - Present)
    • GDSC Web Development Lead (Sept 2022 - June 2022)
    • Community Photographer (Aug 2020 - Present)
    • Technocryptics Frontend Developer (Aug 2022 - Jul 2023)


Languages, Frameworks:

Next.Js, React.Js, Tailwind CSS, MongoDB, Firebase, Pinecone, Langchain, Prisma, Figma, Bootstrap, Git/Github/NPM and all other base tech of all these frameworks mentioned.


Leadership (GDSC Lead 1 Yr, GDSC Web Dev lead 1 Yr, Technocryptics Web Lead 1Yr), Collaborative Work (hackathons ^7x, SaaS)

Most of the projects I've made and work I do is towards making something interesting and useful for everyone which hasn't been done before or in this way at least.

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